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More than Just a Sport

The Kodokan home page in English... http://www.kodokanjudoinstitute.org/en/

List of Kodokan recognised techniques... http://kodokanjudoinstitute.org/en/waza/list/

"Judo Info Online Dojo"... http://judoinfo.com/

Another excellent site listing a wide range of Judo Techniques... http://www.mercuryu.com/judo-technieken/

Australian Kodokan Judo Association

Australian Kodokan Judo Association... https://judokodokanaustralia.org/


Queensland Kodokan Judo Association Clubs

Kyushin Judo Club... http://www.kyushin.com.au/

Cairns Southside Judo Club... http://judocairns.com/

Lang Park PCYC Judo Club : http://judolangpark.org/

Murgon Judo Club Inc.: https://www.murgonjudoclub.com/


Working With Children Clearance in Queensland: A current "Blue Card" is a requirement for accreditation as a Queensland Kodokan Judo recognised Club Coach or Assistant Club Coach.  A "Blue Card" is also a government mandated requirement for anyone in the state of Queensland who works with children. A "Blue Card" for a volunteer is free. Application for a Working with Children clearance (Blue Card) can be made at  https://www.bluecard.qld.gov.au/applications/applications.html


Beginning Coaches General Principles Course:  Completion of the Australian Sports Commission's "Beginning Coaching General Principles" course is a requirement for accreditation as a Queensland Kodokan Judo recognised Club Coach or Assistant Club Coach. A highly recommended course for any coach or assistant coach which is free, available online, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. A course conducted by the Australian Sports Commission at https://learning.ausport.gov.au/auth/login/?returnUrl=


Concussion Awareness Course:  Completion of Concussion Awareness training is a requirement for accreditation as a Queensland Kodokan Judo Association recognised Club Coach or Assistant Club Coach. Concussion awareness training is highly recommended for any coach, volunteer or parent who would like greater awareness of the dangers of concussion. It's free, available online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. A course conducted by the U.S. Center of Disease Control at http://www.cdc.gov/HeadsUp/youthsports/training/index.html  

Articles & Publications

Only 7% in the UK inspired to take up sport by Olympics, study finds...                                                               https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/feb/24/uk-sport-olympics-participation-numbers-fall

What is the Judo maxim of "Seiryoku-Zenyo"?    http://kodokanjudoinstitute.org/en/doctrine/word/seiryoku-zenyo/

What is the Judo maxim of "Jita-Kyoei"?   http://kodokanjudoinstitute.org/en/doctrine/word/jita-kyoei/

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